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delirious, drunk on happiness

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Created on 2009-05-01 13:14:31 (#166436), last updated 2009-08-05 (424 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jun 1
Location:California, United States of America
eu·pho·ri·a (yōō-fôr'ē-ə, -fōr'-)
n. A feeling of great happiness or well-being.

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19 years old, Asian-American, die hard romantic. Idealistic and optimistic.

I appreciate the simple things life offers: a clear night sky, the perfectly toasted marshmallow, the sounds of waves on the beach, a good book and a cup of hot chocolate on a drizzly day.

My biggest fear is that one day, I will prove myself to be incompetent, and there will be no second chances.

Interests (150):

, acceptance, acdc, activism, almonds, banana republic, barack obama, being loved, better than ezra, blueberries, books, boyd holbrook, calpirg, candles, carrot cake, cartwheels, castle, chatting, cheaper textbooks, cheering people up, chinese food, chocolate labs, chris brown, christmas, civil rights, clouds, college guys, cookies, cuddling, cupid, dancing in the rain, david sedaris, daydreaming, dogs, dollhouse, dr horrible's sing along blog, dreaming, duffy, eminem, facebook, fighting for our rights, franz ferdinand, freedom, friends, friendship, fun, future, fuzzyness, giggling, goofing off, gossip girl, grinning, happiness, having fun, hearts, hermione granger, holidays, hot guys, how i met your mother, hugs, hyperness, ice cream, identity, j crew, jack johnson, jake gyllenhaal, jake gyllenhaal is mine, jay brannan, jay z, jon stewart, joy, kisses, kittens, kiwis, laughing, life, literature, lonely island, lost, love, loving others, malls, maria mena, maroon 5, meeting new people, michelle obama, money, music, my family, not global warming, not poverty, orange juice, parliamentary debate, pasta, people, philosophy, photography, pie, pink roses, planet earth, polaroids, positive social change, puppies, pushing daisies, queen, rain, randomness, reading, relaxation, rihanna, romance, shopping, silliness, singing in the shower, skiing, skittles, sleeping, smiling, snark, snow, social reform, spring, stars, strawberries, summer, sun, sunrises, sunsets, swans, sweetness, swimming, talking, taylor swift, tears of joy, the beach, the beatles, the bravery, the fray, the internet, the office, the poisonwood bible, the student pirgs, the unusuals, true blood, true love, vacations, videos, voting, wishes, writing
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